Saturday, October 26, 2013

Clues from DJ Clue

Listen closely.

Desert Storm Radio Show banter.

When all of this sinks in, this blog is going to become a source for sanity.
Because in the least of likely places and the rest of the other things.
Doubt is wearing thin on time as the veil is being lifted now.
You are going to see the light, and you already do.
You can rejoice if only already you would.
You are free of condition through us,
Cast aside your canes and doubt.
We are free within before out.

But remember the metaverse.
Actually, it's a metaphor, an analogy.
And it must be accepted to be whole.
And to be whole is to be One.
To be One is to come Full Circle.
The New World is alive in us as Him,
So says One to the Agent of Ephesus.

These works will reveal truth only to those who are not against thesis.
Theirs is mine, and mine is theirs, and antithesis is anti-progress.

Am I getting through the ELF?

You see what I'm able to see because my vision is good.

And I still never lied.
I give it to you straight so no one asks anymore.
Do they really want to know?

Listen CLOSELY, damn you. UNDAMN YOU.

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  1. What happened to 99.9 percent off all your video links?


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