Sunday, October 13, 2013

Are you with Tatsu or are you with the Turtles?

Let's do some likening. You have the power now.

Some in their adult lives are pacified to do wrong to fellow men similarly to the Foot Clan.

Steve Barron portrays here in TMNT a corrupt establishment under The Shredder, and Tatsu.

He made the best Ninja Turtle movie. 
It will likely remain the best Ninja Turtle movie.

Note as well, if you clicked best, that the Foot is intent in silencing her.
As a reporter, April is counted on to be honest and open about important truths. 

By giving the children what others have conditioned them to believe is a dream come true - cigarettes, free games, skate parks, foods - The Foot have effectively gained their allegiance by putting a "cool guy" in front of handling "new hires" and giving them freedom they do not get elsewhere.

Plus, they are teaching them real ultimate power. Bonus: How to steal TV's and CD players.

Some work in professions today which directly relate to this kind of conditioning to pacify and thus justify behaviors that are not okay, but don't seem wrong to most of the people involved by the time they are on board as the piece of the puzzle, and only ever see a part of it themselves.

Oroko Saki, Tatsu, maybe even Sam Rockwell, whose role "Head Thug" definitely deserved a name of its own, knew what was going on. They knew that they were manipulating young children and young adults to do things that were negative toward other people in their shared world.

Is extreme luxury worth selling out your fellow man, brother-uncles?

Can anyone really Doubt that this is going on all around us? Perks, bonuses, pools of sand and beach chairs in the office. Awesome. But let everyone in. We want in.

I know that at the very least at least the 80% agree. Let alone the 99%.

When you stand for what you believe in and find the strength to do what's right...
That's Turtle Power.


  1. Visual aids in my TMNT? It's more likely than you think.

    1. I was at that show. It was my first concert.


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