Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And now I await the New Beginning.

I leave this here and await the mass awakening that will occur once it is appreciated and understood by those who are as determined as me, and those who were determined toward me, and those I am determined for as well:

My puzzle is the result of being treated shitty for helping. I had nothing better to do. I did, actually, but I did this instead. Very important things. I'd like not to doubt that you will all find that I have been upwardly generous, and taken this very seriously, and entertained doubt, anger, wrath and pity, in the name of knowledge, happiness, empathy, calmness, and the will to be a helping hand.

I await the new beginning, technically it's already begun.

I look forward to elaborating on things once the previous content has unlocked understanding for those who seek and are willing to be found.

And those who are found already, who will catch on quickly. Those of you who have been called crazy, or liars, or stupid by people who you know in your heart just did not possess the information you will recognize throughout this blog. Those of you who have been downtrodden and stampeded by the majority which has spoken over itself for a millennium, let your whispers no longer be that.

Raise your voices and decrypt for the belligerent. Raise your knowledge and use it to explain what has been done here, in the other tracts, in the Epsilon Program, in the Game Itself as a Reality Simulator (Jack Thompson can eat shit [cow shit in his bread] with his murder talk now, huh? And he's really not going to like you once you gain tHesis, because he is impure in his struggle until he does so as well, but he is NOT unsavable, and neither are any of us), within the music and films and books and scripts and writings that defined its inspiration, so too the people of the world are inspired, and we have made and will make these works forward.

It's not supposed to be talked about. That's why it's shrouded in doubt and donate buttons. Who will ever read it unless they are genuinely seeking what is found here? You should know better, really, since, I mean, after all, it is an Epsilon blog. It's about getting in the spirit. Who would I be to ruin the message with a cheap FAQ? It needs to be understood, it can't be overlooked, their effort is too much to sully like that while the beastly cry foul about it or beg for a new one or let it be forgotten behind DLC or viewed as an "Easter Egg".

That would be blasphemy, this is the Cosmic Egg, cracked wide open. This is the little universe from Men In Black. You don't know yet, but you will, and this is because the tract can be read by those who decide to do so, and the tract is good to those who understand it, and has through the ages been bad to those who do not understand it but claim that they do.

People will be thesis in GTA V, but only once they choose to be. Because it belongs to all of us. All of it. We just are unwilling to take it. I have challenged us to go further than understanding the game mechanic, I have challenged us to understand it as well.

There is a place for everyone in the land I speak about that is spoken about to me. A new world is possible. Was the cake a lie? The tree isn't either. I leave this here and hope that God [the people of the world] can see my heart is pure, similar to theirs, and longing to live to a ripe old age with grandchildren and thesis.

We are not one now, brother-brothers and sister-sisters - we have been one at war with itself for too long.

And for the record, I have tried to display all of this for years. Rockstar Games has done it through technological simile and a mind melting "egg" that tickles the knowers and toys with the doubters. Toys with preconditioned gameplay behaviors. I'm talking about our preconceived notions and willingness to do as the text says to do.

I only know everything I know about the game because of everything you all have documented about it. Whatever you get, you will get from A-Z. You will not get it beginning at Z.

In pure truth, I can be upset with no one, because Rockstar made the sign, and then I wrote the tract. Leslie Benzies is a genius, and Grand Theft Auto is indeed an album, as per the tract. And Dan Houser is a genius, and GTA is not about morality, as per the tract. And Jeronimo Barrera is a genius, because Grand Theft Auto is about simulating the real world, simile of our times, as per the tract. And Sam Houser is a genius, with an eye and for music and for business with all of the rest, as per this piece. The talent is second to none, and Rockstar North and the Rockstar Games family of studios have opened Pandora's Box, and hope was inside of it.

For all the truthseekers: The Answer is Right in Front of Us.

For all the wise readers who comprehend and thus know this is not to be feared but joyous about for all of us: You are not alone. Monty Python could have told you this, and did. It didn't take Rockstar to say all of this or to unlock my dreams into a reality in front of me, but it took a lot for them to make this game, it took a very long time, and a longer time than GTA V itself.

I saw another brother-brother mention that he was able to see all of this hinted at since 2009. I have merely shown you evidence and given upwards to the knowledge that they have hinted at for longer than that, and at the knowledge others hint at before them, and at the knowledge others will hint at afterward.

The tract is sometimes dogmatic, sometimes utterly vile, but in it is merit with merits for all who inherit the understanding that is hidden here. It's always hidden. I just hid it in a different way. It's translated now. It needs only interpretation.

Is there anything that you relate to here? Indeed, then there is more for you to know in what does not yet relate.

I await, and I will watch, and you will watch with us upon understanding, and then I will get the only reward I seek after this: My soul and the promise of a finer tomorrow for all brother-brothers and sister-sisters. Beyond that, I would really like to see what you guys get when you unlock the part that is a game mechanic, because then I will know the possibility of the New World is not in vain unveiled, but understood and bleeding chained hearts of Liberty will be FREE AT LAST. And all antithesis will be shed and all doubt will be swept under the flood that is the light into our future.

To Your Power Being Forever Over 9000.

To the bright future we face, as a people of abundance that spans an entire globe.

This has been me, simply one of us, all of us, together, one voice, a blue light on Google's Cloud.

Where is the Blue? Surely all who are the blue are related. Even the redheads. Now do you relate? Can you see? Is it bright enough? I hope so.

DO NOT CRY. Is the effort not enough in the game and the tract and in the inspirations of both?

Is it not enough that the efforts of all who have inspired that which was built entirely through inspiration are proof that you are loved? Is the love not enough to prove that you are not unsavable?

Have you not already been told that it is not your fault? No shame. Not even on who did not teach you. Cry another day. Now is the time to laugh again.

It took disconnection to make my reconnection.
I have reconnected and I have invited you.
We are everywhere and all informed.
The data is here for all who seek.
Beamed from frequencies,
produced to magnets.
Splendor for All.

Questions asked in comments will be answered.
Related to the game or anything else.
A new blog will be added where that is done.
The comments will be published at a later date.
Do not assume I am deleting your comments.
I am not, and I see and help with anything I can.
If you seek understanding, I will light your torch.

Vented. See you in Miami.


  1. You are my hero. Thank you for this site.

    1. You are then MY hero, thank you for making me. All of you. And thank you for your kind words.

  2. "If you could, please do not comment anonymously. People will just think that I did it. "

    Might have something to do with your habit of making new acounts at GTAforums, pretending to have loyal followers, and getting banned repeatedly. What a loon.

    1. Did not make new accounts, I made new Lords. Each moment that ticks without reading my word is another moment you are deprived of the same truths they now bear with pride and knowledge, not belief, but Knowledge.

  3. I'm glad you've given up you fucking waste of matter.

    1. Never gave up, and your word on me is your word for yourself until you know me.

  4. I am still an antithesis maybe thats the reason why i choose to comment as anonymous. But how can i become a thesis?

    1. Read and ye shall see. =) If ye does not see, listen to the ones that do! Don't worry, I don't intend to leave anyone behind. We're all going on this spaceship together, we're all going to make that change.

  5. Is the earth flat or a globe?

  6. Does the tract begin online before the story?

    1. Depends. But no, not in the way you are asking. Stay strong, brother-brother.


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