Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A New World Is Possible pt2: You just need to believe in yourselves

GTA IV is the antithesis to GTA V. In GTA IV, Niko Bellic is in a new place, full of people who are abusing their excesses and living a strange life unlike the one he is used to back in the home country.

Brian Meech attempted to be his liberator by mocking his "There is no I, there is only We!" demeanor, in pointing out how oppressed he was through that kind of communist propaganda and upbringing, and how much of an utter Fido he came across as to an annoying know-it-all Broker guy like Brian.

Brian Meech was not being sensitive at all, but he pulled Niko Bellic's card the moment he laid eyes on him. Because Brian Meech was an analytical mind, and Brian Meech is the Broker Man, and he's seen hundreds of guys like Niko come and go along the pavements around Oakley Street, down by Delaware Avenue in Liberty City.

Just as millions of players, just like Niko in themselves who believed himself that he had no choice, so too millions are completely missing their opportunity for freedom in choice and emotion in GTA V. We ourselves are lacking of Freedom in Life and in our very beings in the exact same way.

Niko Bellic lives through his story under your will as the player, but you do not progress his soul through his story or make any real difference at all. Aside from just one rewarded occasion, Niko is a slave to the world as you are a slave to the code in games as you are also a slave in the real world. Niko makes one major decision that is the key to understanding GTA V, what Rockstar has done, and what I tell you in the posts of this blog.

It will not be enough for you to recognize the end game search was in vain. It will be not be enough for you to understand what Rockstar has done for gaming which no other game has, regardless of similarity.

It will never be enough to leave this to die inside of the game. Because the GTA series has become the most well known Parody of Life or Satire of Life in all of modern entertainment. And as it is a parody in life, so to is it then applicable to life.

It is not enough for you to be liberated of the old ways in the old games, learning a game that you think is old, is actually quite very new, unannounced to you, and only alluded to under an ambiguously presented set of clues in the marketing. You must also understand that what Rockstar is changing about gaming right now, must be applied to life as well.

Niko Bellic is everyone's Fido in GTA V. He is an HD Claude Speed in the sense that he does not speak english very well, an HD form of Claude's muteness. He gets to wear Claude's outfit when he makes the most important and critical decision in the game - Whether to kill PlayboyX or to kill Dwayne - as long as the player uses his own heart to make the decision, the decision would not be hard. Unless the player is immoral. And then the player is wrong, as doubters are wrong.

If you were playing for a reward, you knew that you had to kill PlayboyX, because someone on the internet told you, before you even thought about using Google to find it. You have learned nothing if the decision was not right in your heart, with or without the reward.

When you killed Playboy X, you got the highest definition television in the game (yep. the TV's differ in quality, and Playboys is never watched at all unless you get his pad - the only HD tv, is potentially not ever even seen by Niko). The most "playboy" safehouse. Claude Speed's outfit. So you can look like the Fido that you are as well.

Rockstar does not want you to be a Fido like Niko Bellic and all characters in all games before his.

Rockstar wants you to come upon the realization that it's not just we, YOU do have power, YOU do have choice, YOU have the ability to change how your story played out, and gain rewards when you do it right.

I have personally seen people say things like:

"I killed Dwayne cause he a b*tch"

"I kept playboy cause he true street, grimy yo"

And those were grimy decisions. And grimy players who do not use their true emotions and empathy with these near-living characters to really understand their needs, their desires, their wishes, and most importantly perhaps for 5 very key moments of GTA V, whether they truly deserve to die or not.

Otherwise? You get nothing. Wander that desert. The truth is here. This is the Unwritten Tract of Epsilonism, and Doubters are Still Unsavables.

Just as Brian Meech pointed out this fact to Niko and his plight in the game world, here I point out the plight in both your search, and in your real life, riddled with doubt and fear. And doubt is not good for anyone. Not even unsavables.

GTA IV is full of clues that help you to understand GTA V, but the Playboy X decision is the strongest of them all.

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