Monday, October 7, 2013

A New World Is Possible - But it starts within YOU pt1


Doubters act like a herd. You do it in real life, so it's easy to see when you do it for video games. A great many men have become very rich knowing how to meet your expectations for what is expected of you in a video game. Indeed, a great many men have grown very rich through making the best of exploiting a limitation in the software, and a limitation in the minds of those who are riddled with fear and with doubt.

It's easy for me to see them doing it in real life, as I have often been the target of their angry heated egotistical nonsensical debates that never provide any alternative line of thinking, and only provide insight to their doubtful, fearful, and overall ignorant and misinformed belief structures, preconditioned behaviors, and inability to think critically.

I Am writing the book on the world's idiots. And Rockstar has succeeded in bringing me to fruition on my promise and into my purpose.

These universal and undeniable truths are defined and then portrayed and then reinforced in reality by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto V. If there is any doubt in your mind about that at all, then you are suffering from doubt, and doubt is not going to save you. Only realization will.

You are are at a predisposition to behaving in certain ways. Nowhere is this more visible than in gaming and perhaps the use of technology in general.

In the case of Grand Theft Auto, you are at a predisposition to look for prompts, and to listen to jokes, to take nothing seriously, and to trudge your way through tHe life of your player character, to reach the end and complain that it wasn't what you expected or that the previous one was better.

You are programmed to follow the program. You are programmed by the limitations of the software. You are brainwashed by repetition. GTA V is different. A new world is possible. And you only have to open your eyes to see it. It is right in front of you. On the screen. It has been clued at in game, and clued at in each and every piece of marketing. It is a truth so exquisitely detailed once you come to the Realization that it is there.

The next paradigm, you will eventually get it in Grand Theft Auto 5. You will eventually understand it. You will still live life as a doubter, regardless of what faith you put in my words, or what parts you selectively choose to say are lies, and which you choose to believe as the gospel.

You will doubt if you are a doubter, and doubters are unsavables, and Kraff helps those who help themselves. And Kraff has absolutely no pity whatsoever for doubters who seek a shortcut, or wander the desert aimlessly following a mirage.

A new world IS possible in the game, you have only played in an old world manner. If you are a doubter, you are sure to doubt that, but the believer who reads my word will earn better than a tractor.


  1. So tell me friend, what does the tractor truly means i am ashamed to say my greed got the best of me...

    1. The end of th Epsilon missions if you've been a bad Michael.


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