Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Grain of Salt...

It is easy once you know. I sincerely hope you're paying attention. Anything I link is saving me valuable typing time, gents.

This is all very important, and that's exactly why it's like this. A lot of people worked for a long time to make the ultimate statement. And a lot of people have inspired them for an even longer time to create the analogy that would crack this cosmic egg. And once you understand what is going on, you will understand why you had to come upon this yourself, and cast aside the doubt and the cane and the other things.

You don't know the rules, but you'll find a lot of clues here, indeed all around you. Don't be antithesis, people.

You will work hard one way or the other to learn what you need to learn. I'm just helping you out. Mine salt grains for fifty years, or dive in and get it done.

"When one speaks of awakening, it means dehypnotization,
 coming to your senses, but of course, to do that,
you have to go out of your mind"
- Alan Watts

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