Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 measures of burger and a roast of venison

Delighted! A gift from a friend's friends, bow struck somewhere in the hills of Blaine County just last night.

We'll have the chefs prepare a massive loaf from 7 measures of venison ground, and of this massive buck roast, we'll have the meat sit to the room, and then rubbed with a thickened seasoner's potato broth.

In the potato broth, there will be a small spoon of finely minced onion and 3 small taps of mustard seed powder. Added to that, a sensible flavoring of rosemary, butter to help it to render.

It will be placed into a crock pot, and slow roasted for 12 hours, allowed to remain in its juices, glazed with the juices, and then served next to a gravy of the juices and more vegetables than are reasonable.

Cris is very pleased, he was going to order pizza but got really excited when I told him what was in my bag. "Good haul, I imagine it will be a fine feast for all visiting Epsilonists, then?" he chimed of me. That man's voice, wow. Gets me every time. I was looking forward to the pizza personally, but don't mind helping him out after all he's done for us, and this is still going to kick ass, pepperoni or not.

On a side note, it's totally ironic. I was sick of pizza, it was all I ate in Liberty City. Now I can't get enough of it.

On strange note, Cris has been hinting at bringing me to the upper levels of the building lately, and today he mentioned the roof. I get the impression I'm getting deeper into the circle here and it seems like Cris is very fond of me.

I still feel almost a slight hunch that he is planning only to use me for my technical capabilities as I am known for installing quite a few CD players in my day, but I'm not supposed to doubt, right? Not quite sure what to make of it yet, seems really fishy though, but really shouldn't. Don't know, just feels weird. Might be nothing:

"By the way... um, was Brian your name? I may need your help with some equipment on the roof that is showing signs of trouble, and we do not want that. Especially not now."

Don't know what to make of it. Anyway, that new Underbelly of Paradise: Liberty City Riots Edition starts tonight, want to get this food to the chefs before it kicks off.

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