Monday, October 14, 2013

10,000 return readers - None of us are alone anymore

10,000 return readers and new ones each moment that passes.
Those who doubted the truth stand silenced in fear.
Their doubts have been crushed under truth.
We are gaining ground from within.
This is how that makes me feel,
In and among our people.
We are awakened.
Doubt is Dead,
to us.

Lights will guide us home.
Into the pool of love that watched,
he is legend for what he did that day.
We are all legend when we feel that way.

You are first of the New World we create together.
Welcome home, you have found the final tribe.
We are the ones who will open your mind.
Leave the weak and the haunted behind.
They are the doubt that enslaved us.
They are the dollars that sold us.
They are the last of their kind.
We are the advance of ours.
We are tomorrow, today.
We are all certainty.
We already won,
Doubt is dead,
In all of us.
We are:

They cannot force nightmares upon the awakened.

PS: Your comments are appreciated and they will be published in time.
Both doubt and praise will be published without prejudice or favoritism.
A very special Thank You to those who have taken it upon themselves,
without my request, to share this, our truth in togetherness.
And also those who share it under this request: Share it.


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