Monday, October 7, 2013

CREDENTIALS ARE KEY: Why You Judged Too Soon

"He doesn't even have the game!"

Yea? And those who do have it do not understand it. This will be proven in time, but for now, you'll have to practice having an open mind, else you will miss the benefit I am giving you.

Subjects of experimentation are never aware they are being experimented on. There are theories that claim that aliens run the Earth like an Ant Farm. By doubting what I have told you about GTA V, you have failed to realize that being outside of the Ant Farm gave me a view of it above your own.

I spent over 60 hours testing your theories and my own on a stream which was kind enough to help me (though some were unkind and brought wrath from inside of me) in ways that are not posted here. Thanks to that stream and its viewers, even those who did not like me, I did not need the game to learn about all that is in it of substance.

Likewise: Thanks to all of your posts on the Internet, I did not need the game either. Thanks to CVG's playthrough, I have seen more than any save-file downloader can claim to have seen themselves.

Did you download a save file? In your rush to be the first to find something that is not there, you skipped the very things you needed to realize to understand what you were actually searching for. But, without you doing so, I would never have become unlocked through your doubts. Even the role of the downloader has thus been integral.

In Life you get nowhere by cheating. Nor have you gotten anywhere in Grand Theft Auto V.

In all of your rushes to be the first to find something, you have not realized you have skipped the entire point.

Those who have doubted me in belligerent manners will never apologize, which is okay, because I will never forgive those above an apology to my person.

I am more informed on this than any single one of you. I have all of your combined knowledge floating around in my head right now, and you have not only destroyed my attempts to share my discovery with you, you have also mentally abused me, attacked me, and went off to be lost in a desert again.

That is why I get so mad, it's simply not right to do that to me, and also force me to watch you do that to yourselves. It's not fair to anyone.

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