Monday, October 5, 2015

"Played" my role well?

First off, I appreciate it. I really do. Psychologists disagree because I said "really". But they are so wrong.

Like you.

But I appreciate it, I really do.

I am in Denver.

If you hurry and are in Denver, I will come see you.

With her. The other half. I found her. Not with this blog, either.

The end is the beginning and if they dislike it WE will fuck them up.

Anyway, just checking in. I have pictures from my flight, but we are on a road trip.

If you are east of Denver tell me. I WILL visit you. Just leave your address in the comments. If your address doesn't freak us out, we will take you to dinner. Our risk is bigger than yours. Leave a phone number, too. We will visit.  This kind of information will not be posted in the comments.

You know what time it is. Just listen to the music. OoooohOoooohOooooh Listen to the MUSIC.

I have pics from the flight to San Andreas. I could almost smell Trevor as I flew over the Salton Sea.

Invite us to bless you and yours.

Brian is real. Witness me. Call on me. We will take pics and u will know. Ttyl.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

This now concludes the Crazy

If you've sorted between genius and insanity here,

This now concludes the crazy.
Well, the brand of crazy you're used to.
The blue flu.

Tell California that the Son is coming out.

The pope is in Philly.
I don't know why that bothers me.
But it does.

This is not goodbye, brothers and sisters.
The end is the beginning.

See you sooner than later.
And I love you who have loved me.
You kept me alive, when I was ready to die.
Until God gave me what I asked for.
And now I will do it for you.
Stay Classy, Carbon.
1000 voices.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

You're looking for red X's?

K. Here you go.

Check this heist out. And it's different from the five that you thought you knew.

JUSTIFIED. To the left.

Chiliadmystery mod crew, I sent you my love tonight.

If you don't fix this, I'm STILL GOING TO FIX YOU. <3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Don't act like they didn't tell you I was coming.

And in the End we shall achieve... in time...
And maybe in the meantime,
wait and see.

I'm just not ready yet.
But neither are you guys.
You still see this as mystery.